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Pet Name = Phantom
Animal Type = Dog
Breed Name = Labrador/newfoundland
Date of Birth = 2006-07-03
Date of Passing = 2017-04-11
Date/Time Added = 2017-04-29 at 13:10
Facts = Best dog ever
Location = usa
Owner FName = Becky
Special Memory = Loyal,loving, protector
Temperament = Loyal and loving
Views = 106
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Pet Picture   Owner Picture Pet Name = Nekozawa
Animal Type = Cat
Date of Birth = 2010-01-01
Date of Passing = 2015-02-27
Date/Time Added = 2017-04-28 at 00:00
Facts = I may not have known when you were born, but I'm glad I got to know you. I know you didn't want us to find you when it was time for you to leave, I just wish I would have known so I would have gotten to say goodbye. I miss you and love you, Nekozawa.
Funny Stories = Remember how once you got used to us, how you'd wait at the back door and yell at us when you'd see us pass by and want food? And your extended meows were always pleasant to listen to, as well as your quiet purrs.
Owner FName = Brittani
Special Memory = Just knowing that you went from a skittish stray to a loving outdoor cat is the best memory I could have of you.
Views = 110
Pet Name = Stash
Animal Type = Mouse
Breed Name = Feeder
Date of Birth = 2015-01-01
Date of Passing = 2017-04-27
Date/Time Added = 2017-04-27 at 23:54
Facts = Best mouse ever
Funny Stories = Wasn't funny at the time but the time you had been making strange sounds and I took you to a vet only for them to say that you were likely just trying to communicate with me.
Owner FName = Brittani
Special Memory = I'm going to miss seeing you wake up every morning when I did and climb on your cage bars and nibble at them until I gave you a treat.
Views = 114
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Pet Picture   Owner Picture Pet Name = Abigail
Animal Type = Dog
Breed Name = Cocker Spaniel/ German Shepard
Date of Birth = 2000-11-23
Date of Passing = 2017-03-28
Date/Time Added = 2017-03-28 at 18:20
Location = USA
Owner FName = Abby
Temperament = Happy and loving companion.
Views = 214
Pet Name = Missi
Animal Type = Dog
Breed Name = Jack Russell
Date of Birth = 2001-07-25
Date of Passing = 2015-03-06
Date/Time Added = 2017-03-06 at 05:12
Facts = Beautiful, Loyal, Faithful Best friend.
Location = UK
Owner FName = Kerianne
Owner LName = Walker
Special Memory = Everyday was a special moment I'll treasure forever.
Temperament = Content
Views = 289
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