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Pet Name = Shelby
Animal Type = Dog
Breed Name = Shetland Sheepdog
Date of Birth = 1992-11-02
Date of Passing = 2004-02-25
Date/Time Added = 2017-06-25 at 20:38
Funny Stories = Shelby loves to chase after gum balls, the seed pods that fell off of our gum trees.
Location = USA
Owner FName = Lindsay
Owner LName = Txt
Temperament = She was sweet and funny and adored her big brother HarleyNivember
Views = 111
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Pet Picture   Owner Picture Pet Name = Rusty Reddog
Animal Type = Dog
Breed Name = Labrador mix once in a lifetime companion
Date of Birth = 2000-02-07
Date of Passing = 2010-12-05
Date/Time Added = 2017-06-25 at 11:31
Facts = She came to us by UPS! She was dumped on a lonely road and the UPS woman found her and brought her to our vets office where we were
Funny Stories = She loved to jump in our pool. She would swim around the pool in a circle three times then climb out! It's our Sheltie, it was love at first sight!
Location = USA
Owner FName = Lindsay
Special Memory = Whenever she saw a child she would meander away from us to go say hello. She loves little people
Temperament = Friendly, funny, sweet
Views = 112
Pet Name = Rowdy
Animal Type = Dog
Breed Name = Mini Aussie
Date of Birth = 2015-03-10
Date of Passing = 2017-06-13
Date/Time Added = 2017-06-13 at 18:51
Owner FName = Lane
Views = 153
Favorites = 1
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Pet Picture   Owner Picture Pet Name = Oliver
Animal Type = Dog
Breed Name = Chihuahua
Date of Birth = 2005-08-04
Date of Passing = 2017-05-18
Date/Time Added = 2017-05-27 at 22:47
Facts = Until the last year(or so) His right ear always "flopped down"
Funny Stories = When we'd be out for a 🚴‍♀️ ,He would stand up in the basket & bark at anyone 🏃🏼,cycling or motorcycling towards us
Location = USA
Owner FName = Mindy
Special Memory = Howling at the end of the "Empire carpet commercial",singing " I love you truely"🎼w/ me,waving out the front window to my landlord(whomHe adored),driving w/ me to Philly(twice),kayaking 6 miles down the Saco(Maine)river,canoeing,hiking,going on the boat numerous times to Monhegan island,going to Boston fireworks,,ferry to P-town,walking the beach,Sunday drives( on the console the whole time).... or simply walking "the Hill"
Temperament = Independent....but if He really loved you,he didn't hold back.(kiss kiss kiss)My ❤️ heart is heavy w/ sadness..... my beautiful boy is gone.😥
Views = 225